Who even is aanguskhan?

"Honing his skills in the graphic design medium… Angus is known for his love of colour and his etch-a-sketch approach to design with projects that leave lasting impressions, inspired by western comic book strip illustrations and Manga." - Hannah Stretton, Newcastle Mirage

Hailing from the greatest city in the world, Newcastle, Australia and now based in Sydney, Angus Bowen is a young artist, designer and bad joke teller. A lover, a fighter and a sleeper inner. He’s currently working as a graphic designer in the exhibition design field with Freeman Ryan Design (FRD).

He's worked with bands such as Vacations, Pals, Morning TV, Paper Thin and RAAVE TAPES, on EP and album covers, t-shirts, tour posters, moral support and everything in between.

He's worked with art galleries such as Maitland Regional Art Gallery, where he led the branding for GROW UP!, an arts and music festival focused on the DIY movement currently sprouting from young artists and musicians. He has also co-curated an exhibition at Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery titled Your Collection: Photo ID, which focused on Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie's history through photojournalism.

He's also worked with Krystyan Nowak on numerous different pop up art exhibitions, such as 'Wicking Out!' and the 'absolutely hideous' volumes, where he also designed and curated the accompanying zine.

You can view more of his work here, all over this website.