absolutely hideous

Absolutely Hideous is a Newcastle based contemporary fine art zine and pop up exhibition publication focused on education and beautiful things. With the help of Krystyan Nowak and Hannah Dunn I have curated and designed the first two issues. Up and coming artists such as Elliot Watson and Tom Henderson have taken part, with plans for future expansions into new media and mediums.


Volume II

The premise for the sophomore issue was 'Childhood Innocence'. The amazing artists Gillian Adamson, Silje Buxton Soldal, Mia Peters, Renae Titchmarsh and Elliot Watson joined together to make a volume that was beautiful and
thought provoking.

Absolutely Hideous Poster KRYSTYAN.png

Volume I

The first issue was an adventure into print publication and curation and was focused on exploration of the idea of 'the technology age'. The artists involved were Hannah Dunn, Tom Henderson, Indi Jade, Krystyan Nowak and myself.