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Absolutely Hideous

Curation, Branding and Graphic Design

Absolutely Hideous is a passion project that was aimed to showcase the talented Newcastle art scene at a time when we were being overshadowed by the revitsalised music scene in the city. 

I also wanted a way to increase artistic literacy, and so I developed the idea of incorporating the artist’s voice through a short piece of writing about their works was a way to bridge the oftentimes uninviting gap that is deconstruction of a piece of visual art. The artist had free reign within the chosen theme, they could create a painting, a photograph, a lino print, a drawing or anything in between and pair it with a short story, poem or just a short statement.

There were challenges, amateur artists can be unorganised and nonchalant. Which made deadlines often invalid and file transfers involving a USB drive found in the back of their car. 

I was luckily helped with organising the launch and pop up exhibition with a group of great collaborators such as artists Krystyan Nowak and Hannah Dunn, however I was the sole designer and organised the print production and online promotion of the three volumes.

We were able to bring in over a 100 people to each of the events, and artists such as Dunn and Renae Titchmarsh were able to sell their works on the night.

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