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Absolutely Hideous

Curation, Branding and Graphic Design

Absolutely Hideous is a Newcastle based contemporary fine art zine and pop up exhibition publication focused on education and beautiful things. With the help of Krystyan Nowak and Hannah Dunn I have curated and designed the first two issues. 

Starting as an excuse to create a zine with some friends that could approach topics that would be relevant and interesting to a wide audience, while also trying to bridge a gap of artistic literacy in a scene dominated by music. Highlighting emerging artists from Newcastle and the surrounding areas, artists such as Hannah Dunn, Gillian Adamson, Renae Titchmarsh, Tom Henderson and Elliot Watson have displayed and showcased their unique styles and documented why they are being recognised so early in their careers.

With this focus on young artists in the first issue, a fresh, contemporary view on a topic like the technology age, our partnership with No-Fi Collective and the festival 'Grow Up!' was a match made in heaven. Being featured in the festival was a great spotlight for the zine and pushed the artists and myself to create an issue that was worthy of a nationally recognised gallery. The theme of 'Childhood Innocence' tied into the overarching theme of the festival and was a great adventure into memory, assumption, nostalgia and adulthood.