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Darby Street Live & A No-Fi Collective

Branding, Direction and Graphic Design

Darby Street Live is a new, micro-music festival focused on celebrating the diversity and talent in the local music scene in Newcastle. No-Fi Collective was commissioned to not only host and curate a stage but to also design the direction and branding for the whole festival. The art and design team made up of Liz Pike, Krystyan Nowak, Hannah Dunn and myself. As the lead graphic designer my role was to oversee the design process and to develop with Hannah Dunn the direction and overall style.

With a cornerstone of the design based on diversity and the signature style of Darby Street, we were focused on using fabric-like pattern and bright colours. This decision was made to reflect the retail stores and cafes while keeping the imagery as inclusive as possible. Hannah’s illustration married with Liz’s type work, which was nailing the brief to be strong enough on its own to be used as a logo, made the post production side of things much easier and created a very impressive and stylish piece of branding.

Not just setting the tone for the rest of the festival, but for No-Fi’s showcase titled ‘A No-Fi Collective’, we transferred the colour theme to our own poster to keep continuity in the identity of the overarching event, while using bold text to keep a strong connection to No-Fi’s overarching development of branding.

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