Branding, Direction and Graphic Design

‘Grow Up!’ was an arts and music festival created by Krystyan Nowak of No-Fi Collective in conjunction with Maitland Regional Art Gallery based on the grounds outside. Focused on up and coming artists from Newcastle and Maitland, the festival wanted to show that young adults in the arts were serious about their craft and that it can be a worthwhile pursuit in their lives, giving them a platform and recognition in the traditional environment that an art gallery has.

The name of the festival really had to reflect the identity of the festival, and ‘Grow Up!’ was the perfect name as it was short but impactful as well as creating reminiscence around being told this as a child. This perfectly informed the photographic direction, using the artists and musicians of the local scene’s childhood photographs it delivers a sense of ‘then and now’ for the artists and a connection to the audience viewing the poster as they can connect and reminisce on the creativity of their own childhood.

Bold typography was a key to juxtaposing the delicate textures and colours of the film photography of the posters while also contemplating and letting the photographs be impactful and touching.