Feral Cat.png

New Museum Project, Western Australia Museum

Illustration, Direction and Exhibition Design 

FRD was approached to develop two new permanent exhibitions for the New Museum Project at the Western Australia Museum. I was brought in at the design development stage of the project to help ease the load of my new senior designer. I was given the ‘Changes’ Exhibition with a team of three 3D designers and one other graphic designer

The first example shows a kid’s trail that was accessible, learning-forward and most importantly fun. It was developed as a game, and these illustrations and their labels were hidden around the gallery, along with an object or piece of multimedia and fact about the creature. I was responsible for the illustration style and ideation with our team, our director and the team of curators and the director of the museum.

The second example shows the wall featuring the story of the jarrah forests in the South-West of Western Australia. I was able to collaborate not only on the illustration with a fellow graphic designer, but with the 3D designers on placement of graphic panels, objects and draws and showcases. I was also given the responsibility of developing the style of the graphic panels of this wall.

This museum is still in construction, but at the time that we handed this project over, the client was really satisfied with our work. The Museum is due to open in late 2020.