Feral Cat.png

New Museum Project, Western Australia Museum

Illustration, Direction and Exhibition Design 

While working at Freeman Ryan Design (FRD), I was given in recognition and trust of my design skills, the opportunity to develop a trail for the gallery aimed at children, including a unique illustration and label style.

The success of my design is evidenced as this illustration style also carried over to multiple other sections of our gallery design, for example, as a large scale super graphic on one of the interior pavilions that spans three sides and is 12 metres long and 3 metres tall. These illustrations will be used on each label, and each label will have a piece of information about the distinct, introduced species of animal to Western Australia. Each label will coincide with an object, interactive or larger scale illustration and will also involve the use of a museum-wide digital platform, and have the opportunity to be used as a public program for the gallery.

The large scale illustration, featuring the cockatoos, crows and trees was a celebration of the native birds and flora of Perth. The timber structure is a dyed hoop pine with the illustration routed into the substrate. This creates a unique tactile element to the structure. The fox included is part of the introduced species trail and is intended to be found.