Vacations 'Changes', World Tour + Singles

Branding, Direction, Strategy and Graphic Design

After collaborating with the band on their previous releases ‘Vibes’ and ‘Days’ and leading up to the release of their debut album, Vacations came to me to help create a new identity for the band for ‘Changes’. Welcoming an evolved sonic aesthetic, it was a natural development to then have an evolved visual aesthetic. 

I was tasked with designing a complete suite of promotional material for the release, including separate material for Instagram
and Facebook. 

Where the previous releases were led by my own illustrative work, the band and I partnered with Newcastle based photographer David Fulham. This was a welcome challenge as working with a photographer and collaborating on art direction on a connected visual language was a career first for me.
As a result, I was able to incorporate Fulham’s 35mm film textures, as well as the red and gold tones captured in the set design in my own design of the posters and promotional material. As a partnership, we were able to create a striking, compelling and layered promotional campaign and identity for a band with newly found international success and a debut World Tour on the horizon.