Vacations 'Changes', World Tour
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Branding, Direction and Graphic Design

Vacations is the biggest band you’ve never heard about. They’re the local sweethearts of Newcastle, Australia. Led by frontman/emailing enthusiast Campbell Burns and backed by Jake Johnson (Bass), Nate Delizzotti (Lead Guitar) and Joseph Van Lier (Drums) their take on guitar pop music has won over a devoted fanbase in their hometown, and overseas. A part of the No-Fi music/arts movement, Vacations are no strangers to wild house parties, packed out rooms, and nation-wide tours where they've earned their stripes performing live. They'll soon be undergoing their largest tour to date which will see them head to the USA for SXSW, Australia, Europe, and the UK.

Having worked previously on Vacations’ past two EPs, they were after a new photograph-led direction with a more sophisticated style of typography compared to the previous releases.

Starting with their first single ‘Moving Out’, using film photography, notably by Campbell Burns was a key choice to the results of the direction of the branding across the album campaign. The album cover featuring the four band members was also a new direction for the band in building a sense of connection with their fans.

David Fulham was the photographer and art director behind the photograph on the album cover and the tour poster and it gave a great sense of direction for me to follow into the graphic design of the posters and marketing content. Strong, textured reds and bold yellows were a new direction for the band, after using greens, blues and pinks for the first two EPs.